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 ABOUT PS Coaching
 "My time with Pamela helped me to better organize my thoughts and feelings into a cohesive action plan. My baggage is now nicely packed and in a useful form allowing me to move myself along in the journey of life."
Margaret C., Anesthesiologist & Property Developer, San Francisco, CA USA
Why PS Coaching is for you
Pamela's expertise comes from her having moved to and settled in professionally  in several countries. Her multicultural experiences and business background have provided her with clear insights into life's challenges, especially personal and professional transitions  which she has successfully maneuvered herself numerous times. She is particularly skilled in knowing how to leverage opportunities that are readily available as well as in finding less obvious resources or simply creating what's needed. She can help you:
  • Identify and Live your Passion in Life (Define and DesignTM)
  • Move out of Your Comfort Zone and into Your "Now What? Life BlueprintTM"
  • Align your Strongest Dreams with Reality and Make IT Happen
  • Transition from What You No Longer Want to What You Choose to Have
  • Find Happiness and Fulfillment in a New Job, Relationship or Country
  • Create Quality Time for Yourself
  • Stop Repeating the Same Mistakes
  • Find and Generate Untapped Energy and Joy
"I met Pamela at a true crossroad in my life. I had been a successful businesswoman with a delightfully complicated family, married to a French husband I adored when my life fell apart. Divorce, business, friends, children and grandchildren who needed my care and "wisdom" made my sense-of-self shatter in front of my face. I had no direction and too much pride to admit it I was lost. My international life was very complicated and I was in need of gentle guidance. Pamela asked me hard questions, which got me thinking even when I didn’t believe I could ever put the pieces back together again, much less think. She had so much compassion while extracting bits of me that I had forgotten existed…bits, which would become the links to my new life. I not only created a new life for myself, but it has been the life I actually wanted all along. I will always be grateful for Pamela’s calm but direct approach to helping me find myself again (a much better version). She is, and will remain, my hero. I don’t know how she does what she does but she does it with the grace and poise I can only aspire to."
Cheryle W, Art Dealer, Chapel Hill  NC and San Francisco CA USA / Paris FRANCE
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Who is PS Coaching?
Pamela Strawgate became a professional coach in 2004 after completeing a  year-long coach training program in Paris with CoachUp Institut. At the same time, Pamela trained with Laura Berman Fortgang to become the only authorized coach in France and Monaco to use the Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction approach. Pamela became a certified Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner in 2006. Pamela became the English-speaking life coach on the web TV Terrafemina in 2008 where she speaks about a variety of situations concerning women in a short-video format that is subtitled into French. She regularly participates in continuing education programs in the United States and France to stay up-to-date with advancements and new techniques in the coaching field.
A native of New York who grew up in Los Angeles, Pamela graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a BA degree in Sociology and Political Science. After further studies and graduation from
Paris' famous Cordon Bleu Cooking School, Pamela eventually decided to settle in Paris where she pursued a long and successful international hospitality career. She spent the following 20 years working as Catering Director, Operations Manager, and General Manager with companies such as Hilton, Sofitel, and Sodexho. Pamela's specialty was troubleshooting - taking a business in difficulty and turning it into a flourishing operation where everyone won. As a life coach, she uses this gift to support her clients in turning around situations in which they too can flourish.
While Pamela worked in the international hospitality industry, she traveled extensively around Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and North America and worked for a time in Tahiti and Monaco. She is particularly proud of her work with a multicultural team at the 2000 Summer Olympics Games in Sydney, Australia. She is also an active volunteer in a variety of organizations and causes such as European Professional Women's Network (EPWN), Force Femmes, the University of California Alumni Association France, and SOS Femmes Accueil.
As a result of her extensive experience, Pamela has superlative interpersonal and organizational skills. Clients greatly appreciate her keen listening skills and frankness, her creativity, and her enthusiastic, positive attitude which create trust and confidence. As several clients have remarked: "Pamela keeps my feet firmly anchored to the ground while encouraging my head to seek the clouds."  

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To guide and inspire mid-life women to make better decisions, relatively seamless transitions, and have a more balanced, fulfilled life. To empower women to be true to themselves in order to realize their potential and claim their dreams   

How PS Coaching works
During coaching sessions, Pamela listens to what you have to say and then asks powerful and incisive questions to help you reveal solutions. You are then empowered to explore different options and understand the effects of your current ways of being. You will decide on new actions to which Pamela will hold you accountable.
The most common organization to create momentum and achieve an important goal is 3 sessions per month which last between 30 and 50 minutes at approximately 10 day intervals.
Additional monthly sessions are possible. Email support between sessions is offered. Life coaching for a specific goal generally lasts 3 to 6 months. Occasional single session laser coaching for a one-time challenge is also proposed.
Coaching sessions may be by telephone or face to face or a combination of both, depending on geographical distance and what works best for you. It is desirable but not essential to meet in person for the first session when feasible.

"The stress of living in a new culture and learning a new language caused me to lose confidence in myself and gain weight. At my lowest point, I thought about moving back to the U.S., but instead moved forward through my coaching with Pamela. I am now embracing the challenge of learning French and enjoying the differences that once seemed so daunting. My exercise and eating habits are the best they have ever been and I am really beginning to enjoy my job here."
Susan P., Sales Manager, Paris FRANCE
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