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What is Life Coaching?
According to world-renowned coaching expert, Timothy Gallwey, "Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn new and better strategies, rather than teaching them."

Now that coaching has been around awhile, hundreds of definitions exist. Each coach offers his or her own, based on his or her philosophy, training and experience.
Check out Pamela's video on for general information about coaching.

Specifically at PS Coaching, we work on:
  • Clarifying personal and professional goals
  • Considering new life paths to create what you really want
  • Rediscovering your Life BlueprintTM using the "Now What?TM" program
  • Strategizing to remove obstacles and reach defined goals
  • Breaking down and stretching beyond limiting beliefs, establishing new habits, and doing "it"
  • Defining what happiness and success mean to YOU
  • Revealing YOUR unique capabilities
  • Providing ongoing support, encouragement and positive challenges
  • Dealing with life's transitions such as:
                               -  settling in a new country,
                               -  turning a potential a mid-life crisis into a new-life opportunity,
                               -  new job or retirement,                               
                               -  flourishing after divorce or in a new relationship,
                               -  thriving in an empty nest,
                               -  planning career development,
                               -  taking back your life.

"Working with Pamela enabled me to make a successful transition to a new culture and country. At the same time, it opened the doors to starting my own profitable home-based business and begin creative projects that enhance my life every day. Pamela's 'no holds barred' approach allowed me to confront my fears in a supportive and powerful way. Our next project: health and energy...look out!!"
Lisa J., Solo Business Owner, Paris, FRANCE
When do you need a Life Coach?
  • When you feel something is missing in your life
  • When you want help Defining and Designing your future
  • When you ask yourself questions that you don't have the answers to
  • When you have a great idea but just can't make it happen
  • When you dread going to work each day
  • When your relationships aren't working
  • When you're feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and tired
  • When you're not earning what you are worth
"Working with Pamela has allowed me to change perspective, to get motivated about getting back to my Life BlueprintTM, to find more balance in my marriage and to TAKE CARE OF MYSELF FIRST.
Pamela helped me clear out the unessential, focus on the essential and move forward in EVERY aspect of my life. Her direct, firm approach kept me from deviating from our work together and made sure I stayed well grounded in the reality of my situation, all the while encouraging me to dream.
I have gone from an exhausted, discontent, 40-something, salaried employee, married and mother of a demanding 3-year old to an energetic, positive, 40-something feeling like 30-something, entrepreneur, happily married and thrilled to respond to my still demanding 3-year old. I have managed to purchase and totally renovate ... our new home – and all within our budget (one of self-imposed, total false barriers that Pamela helped me tear down)...and the best is yet to come."
Claire S., Entrepreneur, Verrières-le-Buisson (91) FRANCE
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What Life Coaching is not
Life Coaching is NOT therapy. Although coaching and therapy may have some overlap, coaching is action-oriented, working on getting from the Present to the Desired Future by undertaking a series of specific, concrete actions. Therapy often looks toward the Past to figure out how the person got into their Present situation.  It's often considered when something inside which is "broken" needs to be "fixed", or something misunderstood on unacknowledged needs to be acknowledged and dealt with. Coaching is in fact often sought out by people who are basically well-adjusted and successful. However, in their success, they realize they can go even further if they just make a few adjustments in their lives. That is why they are savvy enough to hire a coach who will help them do just that.

Life Coaching is NOT just pleasant small talk. Although coaching conversations are often pleasant, a coach's job is to help you move forward in a way that is totally in keeping with who YOU are and what YOU want - at work and in your daily life. There will be occasional moments of discomfort when a particularly sensitive area is discussed. It is in recognizing and overcoming these obstacles that profound learning is facilitated and positive change is lasting. The coaching conversation needs to be both relevant and resonant. The coach and the coachee need to start each session ready to do the work.

Life Coaching is NOT about giving you the answers. It's about co-creating your desired future and accompanying you on the journey there by guiding you to figure out your own best answers. It's about helping you to become a better communicator with yourself because when you do, you naturally live and work better and smarter. You are able to optimize your potential and be the woman you are meant to be.

Life Coaching is NOT something that can be done effectively by just anyone. The best coaches offer more than sharp listening skills and good advice. They possess a mastery of advanced communication and relationship skills, grouped with specific training, experience, knowledge and a sincere commitment to helping others flourish with no personal stake in the outcome.

By carefully selecting a coach who has the appropriate professional credentials and relevant experience - and with whom you feel a rapport - you will insure that your coaching experience is a powerful one.

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