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 Recommended Websites

The Breast Cancer Site - Click daily to donate FREE mammograms. Also links to the following sites: Hunger, Literacy, Child Health, Animal Rescue and the Rainforest. It only takes a moment each day to support these worthy causes. Add to your favorites.

Professional Women's Network Global (PWN Global) - a unique, international networking and learning community for women and companies seeking to promote women's professional progress. Groups in many major European and South American cities. Most meetings, courses and events are in English.

Terrafemina - A French web TV proposing video clips on a vast variety of subjects of interest to women such as professional life, finance, cultural events, commitment to the larger community, personal development and legal rights to name just a few. 

Force Femmes - A French association whose mission is to accompany and support women 45 and older in their job search efforts, including business creation and entrepreneurship. It proposes workshops, coaching, and seminars. Another mission is to educate employers about the benefits of hiring mature, experienced women. Local outlets in many French cities such as  Lyon, Lille, Marseilles, Caen, Bordeaux, Rennes and Nantes.

SOS Femmes Accueil - A variety of important information on domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, prostitution, homosexuality, contraception, abortion, sexuality and health issues for women in difficulty. Email exchange, links, contact information and useful addresses. A safe place to go - in French and English.

Paris Therapy Services
- an excellent clearinghouse for information in English about different types of therapy with a listing of English-speaking therapists in the Paris region.

The Quotations Page - Daily motivational quotes - check occasionally or sign up for daily quotes delivered to your email inbox.


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Books / Livres
Below is a selection of books that I have found useful in my coaching practice and in my personal life. I hope you find them worthy. Most authors cited have written other books that you may want to check out as well.

Ci-dessous une sélection des livres que je trouve utile dans mon activité de coach ainsi que dans ma vie personnelle. J'espère que vous les trouverez profitable. La plupart des auteurs ont écrit d'autres titres qui méritent un détour.

Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction
Author: Laura Berman Fortgang

Transitions: Making Sense of Life's Changes
Les Transitions de la Vie : Comment s'dapter aux tournants de notre existence

Author: William Bridges

Who Moved My Cheese?
Qui a Piqué mon Fromage?

Author: Dr. Spencer Johnson

The Power of Focus: How to Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets with Absolute Certainty
La Force du Focus : Comment atteindre vos objectifs personnels avec une absolue certitude

Authors: Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Hewitt

The Art of Possibility: Transforming Personal and Professional Life
L'Univers de la Possibilité : un art à découvrir

Authors: Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Les Sept Habitudes des Gens Efficaces

Author: Stephan R. Covey

What to Say when You Talk to Yourself
Le Pouvoir de la Motivation Intérieur

Author: Dr. Shad Helmstetter

Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong: Why We Love France but Hate the French
Pas Si Fou ces Français

Authors: Jean-Benoit Nadeau and Julie Barlow

Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Père Riche, Père Pauvre

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki

Eat, Pray, Love
Mange, Prie, Aime - La quête spirituelle d'une femme à travers l'Italie, l'Inde et l'Indonésie
Elizabeth Gilbert

A Thousand Days in Venice
Mille Jours à Venise

Author: Marlena De Blasi

Atlas Shrugged
Author: Ayn Rand

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